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Food Allergy

Because of the wide variety of foods in any Malaysians diet, it may be difficult to pin-point or limit the number of potentially offending foods. Always remember that our food contains various coloring and preservative agents, and that one food class may cross-react with another. As you can see, these food allergies can be tricky to diagnose.

Foods can cause many symptoms which range from severe acute allergic reactions with hives, rashes and generalized swelling, through eczema, diarrhoea, vomiting, tummy aches, asthma, blocked/ runny nose and sinusitis. Migraines are and can be largely due to food allergies.

In small children, it can also cause an accumulation of fluid in the middle ears (like other allergies) leading to reduced hearing and therefore learning disabilities. Many of these problems can cause considerable discomfort and therefore children often become quiet irritable and difficult. Like other allergies, symptoms occurring at night can disturb sleep patterns leading to a lethargic individual the next day of course other organic causes must also be out ruled before blaming these symptoms purely to food or other allergies.

If crucial elements need to be eliminated e.g. milk, wheat etc, one must always ensure that these are adequately supplemented. Your allergist or physician will advice you accordingly.

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