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(Allergens that are air borne/inhaled)

There are many allergens that are found in the air that we breathe. These vary according to the location, season, proximity with pets and of course environmental pollution such as forest fires etc.

Pollutants are not considered allergens as such but they help to worsen many allergy problems.

In Malaysia, our most common aeroallergens can be broken up into the outdoor variety and indoor variety.

Outdoors we have many different types of pollen, grasses, weeds, moulds and pollutants.

Indoors we are exposed to the house dust mites, cockroach and various animal dander (e.g. cat/dog dander). Even indoors we are not safe from various pollutants e.g. cigarette smoke.
(Though a puff of smoke may look innocuous, it contains around two thousand different substances, many hazardous to health.)

Avoidance measures are always paramount in the treatment of allergic diseases. However a lot of this exposure sometimes cannot be avoided and this is where the treatment of the allergic disease becomes necessary.

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